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I am a writer. I began by writing the world's shortest short stories.Each no longer than two lines:one on the cover, one inside.(Birthday cards for pals in school;-). Then I wrote slightly longer stories in the ad agency JWT. These stories lasted 30 whole seconds. After 30 years of having the time of my life, I quit, to write even longer stories. Travel Stories, reviewing eco-friendly hotels for Traveltocare.com. (That's free travel, free stay, free food.) And then I wrote something really really long. An entire Book. It's called "Don't Go Away, We'll Be Right Back: The Oops and Downs of Advertising". And now, another one. "Runaway Writers". It's about a Ghost Tweet Writer, and therefore has about 140 characters in it. (I mean the people, not the length of the book...:-)

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

In London at last!  And off to a quick start with Writer's Retreat signings at Foyles...

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Writers' Retreat -- it's up and running in London!

The months of writes and rewrites are done. A new title and cover design, which retains much of the charm of my previous cover, which I so love. Thank you Valerie Brandes of Jacaranda Books for seeing something in my book, enough to republish it. Thank you, my dear editor Laure Deprez for the advice, patience and joy. Thank you Jazzmine Breary for all the fun ahead in promoting the book, and getting me my first Interviews in London magazines!


Wednesday, October 5, 2016

And then One Fine Day.My Book gets bought over by Jacaranda Books of UK, for republication for world markets. Thank you Universe!

A new contract, a new editor, and a new rewrite... whoever thought revisiting a Book AFTER it is published to make some chapter changes, deletes and add ons (to make better sense to a world audience) can actually be a fun exercise?? Only if you have LAURE DEPREZ as an editor.
And so the rewriting begin, on the adventures of Amby, Bobby and Mini in Greece...

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Meanwhile, more happy Reviews...

"The author’s felicity with language makes the story eminently readable. The vividity of the descriptions of locales should make the author the brand ambassador for Greece."- Deccan Herald

"Chick lit at its best."- Deccan Heraldx

"The book is a chick-flick, a travelogue, a writer’s “how-to” guide, and a love-story all rolled into one neat package.".-Sakal Times

"The author’s wit and ability to connect with the new-age reader has made this book a good read. Runaway Writers is that kind of book which will instantly lift your spirits. Writers" - Sakal Times